Digital Marketing Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Obviously we are writing this post from a business and marketing perspective and not a medical or health related one. That being said, lets dive in!

In many cases, the effects of COVID-19 are unavoidable and in some ways even pre-determined. For example if you are in the party boat business, then your business is one of the unfortunate ones.

But in many other cases, the effects can be what you make of them. They can be a bump in the road, or... wait for it... maybe even an opportunity! Allow us to explain:

​Think about the restaurant that was so busy making the donuts, or pasta, or seafood, etc... that they never did try out that delivery service or online ordering system or online review system. Well, through necessity, now they have a great online ordering app and reviews are looking great! Lucky? No. When handed lemons, they made lemonade, and now they are stronger, and more profitable, for the future.

Think about the retail stores that spruced up the e-commerce portions of their website and have since downsized their commercial space, lowered their expenses, and you guessed it.. are now better for the future, and more profitable.

Think about the landscaper or pressure cleaning business that simply installed a point of sale card reader onto his phone so he can provide a "touch-less" service to his customers. Now he doesn't chase payments or wait for checks in the mail. Again, a stronger business, and a more profitable one.

There are so many examples of businesses that have made decisions and updates to survive, and they are already thriving because of those new features or abilities.

We'll end with the website and marketing company, lets call it, I don't know... Creative Web Advisors, Inc. , an agency which understood that loyal clients sometimes need their web/marketing agency to just offer a helping hand or do a little extra in getting through these last few months. Maybe it was discounting a payment, or extending a due date, or including a few extra features, or some other form of appreciation. That type of goodwill goes a long way towards a successful business relationship, and is perhaps our favorite example of making lemonade!

If you would like assistance with website development, online marketing, or other business growth services, we invite you to contact us for a discussion. Stay healthy and all our best!