Google Ads Are All About The Funnel

Google Ads Are All About The Funnel

At CWA, we talk about it all the time, and we have the results to prove it. Google Ads can provide a steady flow of prospects to your company if constructed and managed by an experienced company... one that takes the time to learn about your industry as well as your company's products, services and sales process.

CWA is a Google Certified Partner, so that takes care of the question, "Which company should I trust to manage my PPC campaign?" Now, why are we talking about a funnel? Great question!

​​The sales funnel is a tool we use to start targeting your prospect before we even spend one penny of a client's advertising budget.

At CWA, our creative team chooses wisely when constructing its keyword lists and the ad copy that will attract your favorite types of prospects. Before the click occurs, we will have already successfully targeted your prospect through two important stages of the sales funnel, the "buy signal" keyword that triggered the ad, and the "directed" ad copy itself.

​To learn more about utilizing keywords, ad copy, and the many other variables of Google Ads management, contact us any time. We'll be happy to discuss creating and managing a profitable advertising campaign for your business!