The Importance of a Google Business Profile

The Importance of a Google Business Profile

Long gone are the days of relying on the phone book or calling an operator to find local businesses. During the present day digital age, it’s crucial for businesses to enable the Internet to reach more potential customers. There are many aspects of creating a complete "digital footprint" and one of the most important and often overlooked ingredients is a Google Business Profile.

As the name implies, a Google Business Profile allows businesses to create a free business listing on Google. With Google being the most popular search engine with an over 70% market share, creating a Google Business Profile and account makes it easy for businesses to boost their local presence, promote their products and services, and provide crucial information to their target market like name, address, hours of operation, etc.

Additional benefits of being part of the Google platform are that your business can become visible in Google Maps searches and Google Local results. Consumers most definitely use Google Maps to search for nearby businesses, most often relying on the Google’s Local 3-Pack, which shows three lucky businesses based on type of business and geographic location.

Just as important as having a Google Business Profile is the information you include in your business profile. An effective listing offers a snapshot of your business, includes relevant keywords, images, and all other pertinent information to quickly show your value. You can engage customers by including a website link, a contact number, or other calls to action (e.g. “reserve a table” if you’re a restaurant owner) that can be accessed in a click.

Customers will also be able to review your business and leave feedback on your listing. Positive reviews will boost your competitive edge, and may also result in Google ranking your business higher than others in its search and map results.

The Internet is a fierce competition, and it is extremely important to stay relevant and at the top of your marketing game. A well constructed Google Business Profile is a great tool for the many benefits it offers:

• Get your business listed on Google for a chance to be visible for local searches.

• Reach and engage with your target market for free.

• Establish your authority with a great business profile.

• Display a great review rating and earn trust from customers.

• Increase traffic and visibility.

• Showcase your business through text, images, and other relevant information.

Although the listing is free to set up, it takes an experienced guide to win in this heavily competitive and extremely valuable space. As a certified Google Partner, CWA can guide you to make the most of your Google Business Profile and invites you to make contact for a consultation.