Why Our Clients Stay Loyal to Our Agency

Why Our Clients Stay Loyal to Our Agency

Business owners are smart and wise. They are experienced and for the most part, successful individuals. In the course of running their business, they have been involved in many good business relationships and have also been subjected to some bad ones along the way. Most importantly, they know exactly what each one feels like.

If you are a business owner, read on and you will learn that you are not alone in feeling that you've occasionally been failed by unfulfilled provider promises. You'll also learn that the grass can actually be greener if you find the right agency to represent your company's internet presence and advertising/promotion/exposure campaigns.

If you are a website developer or digital agency owner, you should read on also... then either be proud of your work ethic or learn a lesson regarding long-term mutual success. Commit to mastering your craft, then deliver what your clients expect, then go beyond that and exceed expectations. Be responsible to your industry and your clients and your agency will thrive, like ours does.

Be Responsible and Set Accurate Expectations

The relationship should begin with responsibility. It seems overly simplistic to state this, but I can't tell you how many times we've received calls from desperate business owners who mention experiencing the following scenarios to us when moving away from their current provider:

  • They never showed up.
  • They disappeared for weeks at a time.
  • They consistently missed the timeline.
  • They didn't deliver what they said they would​.
  • They made excuses for EVERYTHING.
  • They showed no passion for my project.
  • It sounded to good to be true, and it was.
  • It started off great, then steadily digressed.


At Creative Web Advisors, Inc., we are always baffled by these scenarios. We don't understand why the faltering developer or agency figurately gets out of bed, gets dressed, puts all the effort in that it takes to land a new client, then at some point soon they just back away and let the new relationship deteriorate.

Why don't these chronic 'disappointers' just go straight to the beach instead and stop wasting everyone's time, including their own?

The little secret here is that business owners just want a fair chance to be successful. And they will remain loyal when they feel their interests are in the hands of a competent provider that cares about their company, their success, and their needs, in a responsible manner. That's why it's called a relationship... get it?

Stay Connected and Deliver

One of the most frequent complaints about a previous provider is that they don't communicate like they did in the beginning and the disconnection leaves the client wondering if they are doing their job or not. And even if they are doing their job, it seems less enthused and somewhat mediocre, with a lack of passion or the winning mentality it takes to succeed. Again, baffling! For 10+ years, our agency has lived (and thrived) on the "no-contracts" model of month-to-month agreements, with the understanding that we must earn our compensation every time we receive it.

Clients Want a Fair Shake, So Give it to Them

The little secret on this one is that everyone wins together. So stay connected! Send routine emails with status updates, check in routinely, show the client the great work you're doing, and show them the failures too because they will appreciate your honesty in the workplace. In addition to staying connected, the last ingredient is to deliver awesome results! The nice thing about that is if you're responsible in knowing what you're doing, setting accurate expectations because you've done this before (whatever 'this' is for you), staying connected to your client, and working with passion towards their goals, then the results will follow. Funny how that works, isn't it? 

How We Roll at CWA

We have a motto here: We'll be the last Internet Development and Marketing Agency you'll ever hire. Interestingly, in our 10+ years of business, that motto has held true for many clients and outside of a business sale or retirement, we can't think of one time it didn't (scout's honor)!

If you are a developer or run an agency, do it the right way and you'll be blessed like we are, with loyal clients who appreciate your work, your care, and your concern for their best interests. Our clients will will be the first to tell you, and any other agency that contacts them, that they are well taken care of by CWA and would not be interested in considering any changes.

  • If we can do it, then we say we can. If we can't, we say that too.
  • We set a development plan and stick to it. If there are any unforeseen complications, we communicate them immediately, work towards solutions, and adjust our ETA's.
  • We set a marketing plan and make adjustments until we achieve the goal of maximum ROI.
  • We maintain a well connected relationship throughout the developmental processes and marketing campaign management, we work hard to deliver impressive results, and we stay connected.


Whether it's a minor website update or an on-going Internet Presence and Marketing Campaign that continues for more than a decade (yes, we've been in business for 10+ years and maintain many of the same clients since day one), we treat each client's business as if it is our own... because at the end of the day, as we said earlier...everyone wins together!

If you are a business owner, don't settle for less. Cut that bad relationship off and find yourself a better provider. They are out there. While you're searching, stick with agencies like CWA that are Google Certified Partners. Only about 10% of all web development and marketing agencies are Google Partners. Choose one that cares about you and your company's growth. It will make a big difference in your day-to-day experience and to your bottom line. Trust us, you can ignite huge improvements in bottom line results.

​We invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation if you would like to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.